DIY Air Conditioner Repair Tips


It seems that when you need your air conditioner the most it will suddenly stop working. To fix this unit can be very expensive. Many people rely on their air conditioning for comfort especially when it is hot outside. To prevent the air conditioning unit from needing repairs it is best to have it serviced often. Regular inspections can also help keep the unit in proper working condition. If a person does some of these repairs themselves they can save a lot of money. There are some things that you can repair on your own and some issues where you need to call in the professionals.

Be sure to check the compressor on the unit to make sure it turns on. If it does not they can be a problem with the break and the fuse. This is the first area that should be checked. Another common problem is the unit will run but will not produce cold air. There may be a problem with the refrigerant. The refrigerant may be low and may need to be refilled.

If the AC unit is ineffective then it may need to be cleaned. Start by cleaning out the filters. The condenser may also need to be cleaned. If there is dust or dirt on these areas it they will need a good cleaning. You may be able to do this on your own or you can have this done by a professional.

In order to keep the air conditioner working properly you may need to put a barrier between the base of the HVAC unit and what it lies against. Large rocks make a great barrier. The rocks will keep out dirt, debris, and other things that can get into the unit and mess up the coils. This will also keep the water from building up in the unit when it rains. The rocks will also help mud from getting into the system or on the repair person. This will also help to keep the unit level. This will help the air conditioner run without an issue.

When the home gets hot the AC unit may become clogged. This can happen from regular daily use. The unit is not cooling the air properly. There can be a number of reasons this is happening. Leaves or dirt may be build up in the unit and it needs to be cleaned. Condensation outside of the home may also be using the unit to not work properly.

stockvault-air-conditioning-unit101604These simple steps and regular maintenance such as cleaning the air filter on a regular basis will help get the AC unit working again. Be sure to clean the condenser vents often as well. A light brush can be used to remove any dirt that may lead to a clog. Once the unit is clean turn it back on. See if the temperature is working and if cool air is coming out. One of the pipes in the air conditioner is going to be cooler than the other. This is a sign that it is working.

If the unit is overheating there can be build up. A funny noise is also an indication of this build up. You may need to call in a professional at this point. They can give the unit the proper assessment and tests. They can also help fix any issues. There are some companies that even off a free inspection and quote for the repair. Every little bit of savings can be a big help.

When looking to hire an air conditioning service repair technician be sure that both the company as well as the individual has a valid license. Many people hire credible Las Vegas air conditioning companies because they know that the staff is trained and certified. This will help the credibility of the company and they want to make sure their customers are happy. This will also help make sure the service person is credible. These technicians have the skills and the training to make sure the job is done properly. They will offer service warranties to make sure the unit is still working after they have fixed it. This shows that these companies are committed to making their customers happy and making sure their work is done the right way.